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The International Cyber Security Protection Alliance (ICSPA) is a global not-for-profit organisation established to channel funding, expertise and assistance directly to assist law enforcement cyber crime units in both domestic and international markets.

We are a business-led organisation comprising large national and multi-national companies who recognise the need to provide additional resourcing and support to law enforcement officers around the world, in their fight against cybercrime. We are also supported by our law enforcement partners and associated international organisations whose remit is complementary to our own.

To ensure that we gain maximum impact from our aims and objectives, the ICSPA will also seek resource and support from Governments and Institutions that understand the need to assist countries that face the greatest challenges.

Our view is that by increasing the capability, knowledge, training, skills, capacity and expertise of these front-line units, we will have embarked upon a lasting strategy that will significantly help to reduce the harm caused to businesses, customers and citizens around the world.


The mission of the International Cyber Security Protection Alliance is to enhance the online safety and security of business communities, by helping to deliver resources and expertise from the private sector to support both domestic and international law enforcement agencies and their governments, in their task of reducing harm from cyber crime.  This will include raising public sector funding from Governments and Institutions that wish to help increase the capacity and capability of cyber crime units, whilst implementing measures to improve cyber resilience across Critical National Infrastructures in countries which face the greatest challenges.

The name of the ICSPA and various law enforcement agencies are being used in an attempt to trick citizens into making payment to criminal groups who are carrying out a ransomware scam.  

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