The cyber threat landscape is a hostile and ever changing place – and the solutions need to keep evolving too. The ICSPA is always looking to develop new and innovative approaches to make the world a safer, more secure place in which we can live our lives and grow our businesses. The ICSPA and its member companies recognise that in order to execute the ICSPA mission to reduce harm from cyber crime, a range of actions need to be identified and supported. Below are just some of the projects we have been engaged in to date;

  • Cyber Crime & Security Impact Studies

    Our first was conducted in Canada and reported upon early in 2013.  Future studies, carried out by the ICSPA with Government and private sector funding support, will be designed to provide governments and business communities with an independent assessment of the scope and nature of cyber crime and cyber security attacks targeted against its business communities.

  • Working in Ghana

    In February 2012, we began implementing our International Cybercrime Assistance Programme in Ghana – working with the Ghanaian Government and our partners in the UK’s Serious Organised Crime Agency and the ITU, to support the Commonwealth Cybercrime Initiative. This will be an ongoing project with far-reaching beneficial implications for the future growth and economic stability of Ghana, its government, businesses and citizens.

  • Productive Events in Washington DC

    With industry, law enforcement, security agencies and the US Government (DHS, Department of Justice and State Department), supported by the British Embassy.

  • Project Cyberbridge

    A collaborative business case between the ICSPA and the City of London Police in England – designed to clean-up the estimated 5.5 million infected IP addresses in the UK – mostly in the hands of domestic broadband users.

  • Project Canberra

    Developing cyber-awareness applications as part of our commitment to public education; providing citizens with information and means to counter online crime.

  • Project Aurora

    Working with the World Bank to produce an audit tool for countries that wish to create cyber security and resilience projects.

  • Project 2020

    An ICSPA Study into the likely evolution of cybercrime up to the year 2020 in partnership with Europol, ENISA, the City of London Police,  Atos, McAfee, CGI Canada, Trend Micro, Cassidian and Visa. Project 2020 is an ongoing international effort to provide foresight on developments in cybercrime and related issues, drawing attention to key considerations for decision makers, manufacturers and service providers.

  • Project Puma

    Working with the UK Government to establish a global cyber security capacity building resource to be made freely available to all countries.

  • Cyber Aware Networks

    In major cities around the world to promote the work of the ICSPA whilst providing a platform for local engagement on cybercrime and security initiatives.

  • CyberFit for 2020

    A programme designed to deliver to nations that take part, practical cyber awareness, education and training packages, campaigns and technical solutions to reduce the harm caused to citizens and business communities from cyber crime and cyber security attack

  • Assisting Law Enforcement Agencies (LEA)

    By offering advice and technical assistance to ensure that LEAs and their officers are able to meeting the growing threat of cyber criminality and cyber security attacks.  Particularly with investigation training and in the field of digital forensics.

  • Supporting the SME Market

    Developing a range of services and tools to help SMEs better secure their business and protect the data they hold on behalf of large enterprises.