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On the 3rd of December 2013, after over two years of collaboration and discussion, the following announcement was made by John Lyons, Chief Executive, at the ICSPA Annual Reception in the Palace of Westminster, London.

“I am very pleased to announce that early in 2014, the ICSPA will be opening an office in Singapore and creating ICSPA Asia Pacific (ICSPA APAC) in order to reach out to governments, law enforcement agencies, businesses and academia throughout the APAC and ASEAN regions. We have discussed with our friends at the Ministry of Home Affairs in Singapore the implementation of our mission throughout the region and we firmly believe that this is the right time to extend our reach to this vitally important economic area.

We will begin by opening our offices in Singapore and engaging with government departments and strong technology companies in the private sector, both in Singapore and beyond, in order to raise the necessary funding to conduct our work in APAC.

Following the success of our Cyber Crime Study in Canada which reported earlier this year, we expect that our first project in APAC will be to scope and conduct a CyberCrime & Security Impact Study in the ASEAN region. This will be an independent study of the cybercrime and cyber security threat landscape in the region and will be a landmark study which will allow ICSPA APAC to cultivate regional networks for future endeavours. The study will be able to identify the region’s needs quickly and it will also serve as a blueprint for future areas of engagement for ICSPA APAC.

I would like to thank Senior Deputy Secretary Mr Khoo Boon Hui, from the Ministry of Home Affairs in Singapore, who is with us this evening and who will be addressing the Conference tomorrow. We look forward very much to working with him and his team at the Ministry of Home Affairs, in our desire to extend the ICSPA’s mission to the Asia Pacific Region.”

ICSPA APAC in Action

JAIF Funding Application

In the early part of 2014 and with the encouragement and support of the Ministry of Home Affairs, Singapore, ICSPA submitted an application to receive Japanese-ASEAN Integration Funding (JAIF) in a bid to realise our mission in the Region and establish an operation in Singapore.

A successful outcome of this application for JAIF funding, would make it possible for ICSPA APAC to implement preventative measures and programmes across the ASEAN region, based upon globally acknowledged good practice. Which will enable children, young people, adults and businesses to enter this new era of Internet expansion with confidence and safety.

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ICSPA APAC Meetings with Senior ASEAN Government, LE and Business leads. 

March 2014. Singapore

ICSPA LATAM opens its office at 1 Fullerton, Singapore

April 2014

ICSPA LATAM presentation to SOMTC Working Group

May 2014. Singapore