In January 2015, Lille, France we were very pleased to launch, in conjunction with our member colleagues at Systemis, ICSPA FSC for French Speaking Communities across the world. This event took place at the FIC: Forum for International Security – a bilingual event under the high patronage of the French President François Hollande, and organised by the French Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Compagnie Européenne d’Intelligence Stratégique – CEIS and Euratechnologies – Lille.

Jean-Marie Corriere, Chief Operation Officer of the Sytemis Group said of the event:

“This was THE opportunity to introduce ICSPA in a European Cybersecurity Forum located in France, and of course to launch officially ICSPA FSC for the French Speaking Communities”

ICSPA FSC in Action

  • Developing partnership with laboratories and educational organisation in France in order to launch the first educative cyber tool for “Francophones”
  • Building networks for ICSPA operations in France and beyond
  • Planning the extension of ICSPA FSC work in the Francophone/African territories with a view to launching of an African event for Cybersecurity with partners in France.
  • Preparations for FIC 2016

ICSPA FSC Events & Engagements

FIC 2015 – International Forum for Cybersecurity

January 20-21, Lille, France

Forum International de la Cybersécurité – International Forum of Cybersecurity