Founded in 2005, Abilisoft provides businesses with technology solutions to manage and monitor all server, network and application activity, ensuring ultimate performance at all times.

With a growing requirement for companies to protect against ever more sophisticated cybercrime, Abilisoft SIEM (security information and event management) equips businesses with proactive threat analysis and rapid automated resolution. At the heart of Abilisoft SIEM is cutting-edge agent technology that installs seamlessly into the existing environment, proactively gathering all security events as they happen. Abilisoft translates the security events into a common language, assigns a threat level and feeds them into an analysis engine. The engine rapidly processes and filters the mass of events that have been generated by applying correlation and stepped rules which identify the different types of attack. Business context information is added to determine the true risk to the organisation and to prioritise the corrective action required. Abilisoft SIEM incorporates rapid automated resolution, enabling organisations to immediately overcome security breaches in real-time.

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