BRI-Business Risk Intelligence. Provides five distinct Business Risk Intelligence Services:

– Technology Risk Intelligence.  BRI monitor the internet 24/7, flushing out potential vulnerabilities, high risk systems, zero-day exploits, innovative malware, and other threats. The BRI Risk Alert Service supplies intelligence for system protection and advanced defense against emerging attacks.

– Industry Risk Intelligence. BRI pinpoints business risks related  to your specific industry and market, including political and environmental threats as well as compliance and regulatory changes.

– Global Risk Intelligence.  Any possible or potential global risk or threat, whether environmental, human health, hacktivism and hackergroups, cyberwar, terrorism, cyber espionage.

– Organization Specific Risk Intelligence. BRI finds, locates and exposes negative, derogatory or false online content targeting your organization, products, executives, and customers, proactively monitoring brand abuse. Even information in private, userid and password protected  forums, blogs, and websites can be retrieved, as well as Social Media sites.  BRI exposes any disclosure or leak of confidential data through P2P networks, whether contractual, financial, strategic, competitive or  legal. Through this service, users supervise partners, ensuring appropriate security practices.

– Risk Awareness Intelligence – What happens in the world of Cybercrime, what new breaches, what new tricks are invented by the cyber crooks. What measures are the countries around the world taking?  What new defenses are built to handle this totally new world of threats to systems and information.

BRI, your ultimate partner in Reputation and Risk Management.