Prosecutors worldwide are increasingly having to deal with the challenges that arise in the prosecution of e-crime (cybercrime, computer crime, electronic crime, internet crime – however it is described).

As e-crime increases – in bank fraud, credit card fraud, identity theft, computer pornography and much more – the IAP sees a need to assist prosecutors to avoid “reinventing the wheel” as they address the technical and legal problems thrown up. Most of the challenges are being faced somewhere in the world and prosecutors are willing to pool their knowledge and experiences for the benefit of colleagues who are facing them for the first time. GPEN is the vehicle for doing that and for putting prosecutors in contact with each other.

GPEN not only promotes enhanced international cooperation in the e-crime arena, it enables all jurisdictions to develop a co-ordinated approach for dealing with e-crime that supports effective prosecutions and promotes the principles of the Budapest Cybercrime Convention.