Mibtree specialises in the design, implementation, optimisation and support of service assurance systems across all infrastructure platforms, networks and applications.  We are an international enterprise software and services company focussing on serviceassurance from a health and security monitoring and performance management perspective.  Service assurance has a crucial role to play in large, dispersed and/or sensitive IT and network environments because of three persistent challenges present in these environments: change, complexity and risk.

Our success has been built on the integrity with which we operate and the skill, experience and enthusiasm that we bring to the organisations we work with. We have built a track record of delivering innovative projects and programmes with our customers, in a wide variety of environments, on a global basis.

Mibtree delivers excellent service assurance solutions and we strive to provide exceptional customer service, ensuring that we’re easy to do business with. Our team comprises the very best technical experts within the service assurance arena; service delivery and support staff who are dedicated to the success of a solution from start to finish.

We place our customers’ success at the heart of how we do business. From solution inception to deployment, we understand the need for IT solutions that work well and integrate seamlessly with existing investments.  We also provide training and ongoing post-deployment support to ensure the solution provides a lasting legacy.

For further information, go to www.mibtree.com