We hope that your company will decide to become a member of the ICSPA. Were you to do so, you would be in the company of like-minded senior people that understand the beneficial impact of working together in the fight against cybercrime at home and abroad. Working closely with you and your team, to understand the particular needs of your business, enables us to design projects, aligned with the ICSPA’s mission, which can bring maximum benefit to your shareholders and to your customers.

Whether you want to increase your cyber security capability, expand your business network or develop your international profile, as a part of this diverse and well-respected community you will realise great opportunities to develop your business. Most importantly, you will be demonstrating to your customers, shareholders and companies in your supply chain that you are doing everything you can to provide a safe and secure online environment in which to live and work.

By supporting the work of the ICSPA you will also be bringing much to the wider international community. Together we can make a demonstrable difference – particularly if you are a company with international deployments of staff and infrastructure. We can do this by:

  • Enabling better focused cybercrime operations and investigations, resulting in the arrest of criminal groups; intent on targeting a wide range of companies across all sectors of business
  • Linking your company’s overseas operations closely with local law enforcement capability to help channel funding to where it matters most.
  • Providing practical support to help stabilise the economy and growth of countries in which you operate or trade

The Membership Process

Step 1
You decide to join the ICSPA and contact us with a membership request.
Step 2
We meet with you to agree your level of membership and discuss how we can best support the work of your organisation.
Step 3
A purchase order is raised and invoice sent appropriate to your level of membership and method of payment.
Step 4
You receive a letter of welcome from the Chair and Chief Executive on behalf of the ICSPA. This outlines the terms we have agreed for our working together and is signed off at this point by both parties.
Step 5
Upon receipt of payment you will be supplied with ICSPA logos to add to your digital assets folio.


Your company is now a member of the International Cyber Security Protection Alliance (ICSPA)

A global email is sent out to ICSPA members, associates, LE & Government officials. We now work with you to ensure your company is represented on our website and fully incorporated.

If you are interested in finding out more about the compelling benefits of ICSPA membership please contact Linda.Bentley@icspa.org